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Create a new text ad

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Sign up for AdWords andCreate a campaignAfter that, you can start creating ads. In this article, we will introduce the following:

  • Create a new text ad
  • How text ads work on mobile devices
  • Share text ads between ad groups

Text ads look similar to classified ads and contain links to your website. For example, the example listed below isSearch the webOne of the text ads:

Shanghai's most distinctive bonsai
ad www.example.com
Floral and indoor plant cultivation.
Dress up your desk now!

Display NetworkThe appearance of the text ads in may vary. In the following, you will learn more about text ads on the Display Network.

Create a new text ad

  1. Login to your AdWords account
  2. ClickCampaignlabel.
  3. Select the campaign where you want to add a new text ad from the menu on the left.
  4. Clickadlabel.
  5. Click + Advertising
  6. Clickplease choose...Select the ad group where you want to add a new text ad.
  7. Enter the title, short description, display URL, and landing page URL. When you enter this information, the ad will immediately appear in \"Ad Preview\".
  8. If you want to add ads to an ad group, you can choose to create mobile optimized ads. To do this, select the \"Mobile Devices\" checkbox next to \"Device Preferences\" Settings.
  9. After making sure that the new text ad is correct, clickSave ad

Before showing your saved ads to customers, we will review the content and format of the ad to ensure that it complies with ourAdvertising policy

Text ads on mobile devices

Let’s say your ad group contains both standard text ads and mobile optimized text ads. On mobile devices, mobile-optimized text ads have priority over standard text ads. On desktop/laptop and tablet computers, the standard text ads have higher priority than the mobile optimized text ads.

If the ad group contains only mobile-optimized text ads (which we do not recommend), these ads may appear on desktop/laptop and tablet computers.

Mobile-optimized ads have a higher priority only when compared to other ads of the same type. Text ads, dynamic search ads, product listing ads, WAP mobile ads, and ads that can only run on the Display Network are considered different types of ads.


You advertise your hat store in a separate campaign on the search network and the display network. This campaign has an ad group with the following ad types:

  • Standard text ads
  • Mobile-optimized text ads
  • Standard image ads

If Google decides to display image ads to users who browse websites on the Display Network using mobile phones, your standard image ads will be displayed. Your mobile optimized text ads will not show because text ads and image ads are different types of ads.


Because space is limited on mobile devices, AdWords will optimize your ads to show the best text content. If you have ad extensions that perform well on mobile devices, this information may be displayed in your ads to provide users with the most relevant information.Learn more about how text ads appear on mobile devices

Text ads on the Display Network

Display adsThe internetThe text ads in are an ideal way to show customers easily customized advertising messages. Since these ads have different formats to choose from, you have more opportunities to achieve the desired results. In addition, the AdWords team will continue to improve the design to make your text ads perform better, look better, and attract the attention of your audience.

Text ads do not have the concept of size, so they can be served in any size ad slot. The following lists the various text ad formats on the Display Network and explains how they differ from text ads on the Search Network:

  • Standard text ads: This is the most common text ad format. Publishers on the Display Network can customize the ad fonts and choose the colors of the ad background, text, and buttons to make them coordinate with their websites. If your website has an icon, AdWords will add it next to the display URL in your text ad. There are 3 types of standard text ads:
    • The entire ad slot: Such ads will occupy the entire ad space.
    • Some ad slots: These ads will share an ad slot with other ads (similar to text ads on the search network sharing ad space with ads from other advertisers). Therefore, the cost of ads in some ad slots is generally lower than that of ads in the entire ad slot.
    • Magazine style: These ads are only served on the Display Network. The layout, colors, and fonts of magazine-style text ads are consistent across all sites on the Display Network.
  • Native text ads: This type of text ad blends seamlessly with the look, style, and content of the publisher’s website. To improve the performance of native text ads, we may add logos found in your Google+ account or images from other third-party sources.
  • Rich Media Text Ads: Like magazine-style ads, rich media text ads will be presented in a similar way to display ads. To improve the effectiveness of such ads, we may add logos found in your Google+ account or images from other third-party sources. The color allocation of this ad format will be based on the logo or image used in your ad to achieve a consistent effect.

Share ads in multiple ad groups

Starting in mid-February, you will no longer be able to use shared libraries to share ads between multiple ad groups or campaigns. The system will copy the ads in the shared library to each ad group of the shared ads, and retain the performance history of each ad.

You can use other tools such as AdWords Editor to create and manage ads in multiple ad groups or campaigns. Learn more about what Google offersTools for advertisers with multiple accounts or large accounts. If you have any questions, pleasecontact us

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