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Comparative analysis of SEM and SEO

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After the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet has penetrated into all aspects of society. More and more people rely on search engines for information and consumption, which also provides opportunities for enterprises to carry out online marketing. The ultimate goal of enterprises to carry out search engine marketing is to use limited promotion costs to obtain the largest number of customers. This article compares and analyzes the two most commonly used modes of Internet marketing: SEM and SEO.

1. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Search engine marketing is to promote the products and services of the company on the search engine platform in the form of keywords. After the company purchases the service, by registering a certain number of keywords, its promotion information will first appear in the search Results. It is a new and mature search engine advertisement that pays for performance. That is, a form of buying search engine keyword advertisements, a way to effectively rank the websites that have purchased the same keywords according to the principle that the highest paying ones are ranked first.

Advantages: 1. Significant effect: After the keyword review, the effective ranking promotion of keywords can be achieved. 2. Precise delivery: accurate and efficient promotion can be achieved through the selection of regions and time, the positioning of potential customers is more precise, the intention is stronger, and a lot of invalid expenses and traffic are reduced.

3. Keywords are not difficult or difficult: no matter how difficult the keywords are, you can achieve effective ranking promotion by buying keywords. 4. Pay according to the clicks of the user search, no clicks do not pay.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
seo xiaoren

Search engine optimization is a way to use the search rules of a search engine to improve the ranking of a website within relevant search engines. It is the overall modification of the website, using some techniques to achieve the purpose of search engine optimization, so that the website is in front of the search results.

Advantages: 1. Cross-search engine platform effect: SEO optimization is done for all search engines. Once included by excellent search engines, other search engines will recognize your site; SEM has different search engines for different Service mechanism. 2. Higher trust: SEO has higher user trust. After all, SEM is a kind of commercial advertisement. The user clicks itself to hold an attitude of watching advertisements. If he is not satisfied, he jumps out to see the next one. Natural ranking is different. Users will think that websites ranked by natural ranking are more professional and credible. At the same time, user participation and conversion rate are also higher. 3. Avoid paying for invalid malicious clicks: Companies that promote paid bidding rankings like to click on keyword bids from peers, whether they are unintentional or intentional, and the cost of invalid clicks accumulated over time is also very expensive. 4. The effect lasts for a long time: SEM, the traffic will stop when there is no money in the account; the natural traffic of a website optimized by professional SEO will not disappear immediately because you stop the SEO service, on the contrary, this traffic will continue to be equivalent For a long time.

The advantage of SEM is the disadvantage of SEO. The advantage of SEO will also be the disadvantage of SEM. There is a connection between them. SEM has quick results and rich data information. By testing different groups of keywords and corresponding landing pages, observing visitor behavior data, order conversion, and selecting words with high user participation or high conversion rate as SEO keywords. Sunac Media has extensive experience in website promotion, whether it is SEM or SEO, and has many successful cases. It has successfully promoted the company's website to the homepage of major search engines, which has increased the company's traffic and conversion rate. Welcome to consult 400 -0430-678.

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