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Choice of mail server for foreign trade enterprises

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The choice of mail server for foreign trade companies is to follow the business level and needs of the company. A suitable mail server not only invests less money, but also has the function and speed it deserves.

General e-mail is the main means for foreign trade enterprises to conduct business contacts with foreign customers and agents. The customer area spans a very large range. In order to save costs and achieve accurate communication, e-mail naturally becomes a common communication method for foreign trade enterprises. However, the content of corporate e-mail generally involves very important information such as orders, quotations, and purchases, so the security and stability of e-mail are particularly important. If the quotation mail sent to a foreign customer is rejected and returned, the customer cannot receive it in the first time. If you give the peer a step ahead, it will cause the loss of the customer who is about to get it. The choice of mail server for foreign trade companies is very important.

1. Filter spam

Filtering spam is an indispensable function for enterprises to choose mail servers. Spam will not only affect the working speed of employees, but also break the working mood of employees. After filtering spam, the work load of employees is directly reduced, and the work mood of employees without any interference from unrelated emails will be better, and they can also communicate with customers with patience. A good mail server can block more than 90% of spam, greatly improving the working level of the enterprise.

2. Check and kill virus mail

Computers give people convenience, and people will use computers to store some important data. But computers are also subject to virus attacks, so a server that can check and kill virus mail is necessary for enterprises. Virus mail killing can basically guarantee the safety of computer operation and computer storage.

3. Smooth foreign mail sending and receiving

The mails of foreign trade companies are basically sent to foreign countries, but because there are too many domestic spam mails, many IPs are blocked abroad, and customers cannot receive mails. Therefore, the mail server of the foreign trade enterprise must consider this issue, and a foreign mail server can be used to ensure the smooth delivery of mail.

4. Management function of mail information

Customers of foreign trade enterprises are resources and orders are lives. It may happen that the core salesperson will take away important information after leaving the company and cause damage to the business of the enterprise. The mail server can implement mail archiving. Mail archiving is to realize synchronous mail backup. By storing the mail data on independent storage hardware, the mail data can be managed more safely.

Foreign trade enterprises need an excellent mail server, don't be stingy with the funds in hand, the mail server is the guarantee of the enterprise's business.

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