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Can Google SEO English foreign trade website promotion and optimization be done separately

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Many companies now consider letting two companies do it in terms of website and post-management. It may be that the two can play their respective advantages, but this approach is worse than letting only one network do website construction optimization and promotion. The reasons are as follows:


First, website construction optimization and promotion should belong to a series of services. If done separately, it may cause some troubles and waste time in the middle of the website due to work docking.

Second, website construction optimization and promotion are mutually reinforcing. If the construction of the website is good, it will be more effective for later promotion and optimization. A good website structure is like a frame of a house. Isn't the content filled when the frame is built?

Third, if you do Google SEO in English, you also need to have a professional writer to update the news page or knowledge page of the website, so that Google can include the articles of the website as soon as possible, and then bring traffic and inquiries.

So in summary, do Google SEO EnglishForeign trade website promotion optimizationTry to choose an internet company to do it. Due to such a restriction, foreign trade companies should look for an internet company with comprehensive strength when looking for an internet company.Shijiazhuang Rongchuang Media Co., Ltd.Rich experience in building websites, if you want to build your own responsive cloud marketing management platform, you canContact Sunac Media

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