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Basic skills of website seo

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Someone has been askingShijiazhuang SEOWho can do it well, then let me tell youWho does SEO in ShijiazhuangWell, of course, Shijiazhuang Rongchuang Media Co., Ltd. is the most professional. Sunac Media was established in 2003. It has been doing SEO optimization. It is the earliest Internet company in Shijiazhuang and even Hebei Province.SEO optimizationThere are very professional ways and methods that can help meet the needs of enterprise SEO optimization, and at the same time lead, dynamic cloud marketing platform (trademark: lead), responsive site-building marketing platform, enterprise Internet-based SaaS service provider, SaaS cloud platform Based on it, it features \"full screen marketing+search marketing+social marketing+full network e-commerce\" to help enterprises to quickly and comprehensively use the latest web development and marketing technologies such as HTML5 to build useful, easy-to-use and independent enterprises Internet marketing platform. The enterprise Internet marketing platform covers the establishment of HTML5 responsive websites compatible with various network terminal screens, search engine marketing, social platform marketing, whole-network e-commerce and other effective functions, and is closely connected with B2B platform marketing. Next I will talk to youWebsite SEO optimizationPoints to note:

1. Website theme positioning  

The most basic site positioning is divided into three steps: commercial positioning, functional positioning, and content positioning. Some people say that I make a website just to display a website that doesn’t need a company, it can be seen by customers, and it doesn’t need business positioning... This kind of understanding is not entirely correct. Even if it’s fun, it’s based on interest. I think 'S business positioning is \"solution\", for example, to meet certain needs of enterprises, not just referring to the business model. The commercial positioning of the website directly determines what functions are needed to achieve, and content needs to be filled in after the functional architecture is determined. Therefore, the construction of a website platform starts from \"Commercial\" and finally implements to \"Content\".

Website content positioning: Website optimization also starts with content. The most basic ones include the following two points:

1. Optimization of single-page information Many companies do not pay attention to the optimization of single-page content, and even some personal websites do not have so-called single-page pages, such as about us, help center, site map, subscription, contact us, etc....not to mention search. How much is the demand, we should consider the following points:

1.1 The integrity of the website.

1.2. The functionality of special pages. For example, site maps and subscriptions can help search engines index quickly and correctly.

1.3. The uniqueness of the information. For example, a help center page can not only solve daily problems, but also deploy content in a targeted manner.

The above basic information is all \"Website ID\" content, which is an important basis for search engines to distinguish sites. It seems simple, but the details are the deadliest. The two websites I used, because of the short time, simply set up a column heading... The other one was very delicate, and the result was that I had to spend ten times as much experience to let the search engine recognize this incomplete website again.

2,Web tag SEO  

These are the tags that must be unified, including Title (title), Keywords (keywords), Desvription (description), Alt, H and other tags. Some customers think these tags are unnecessary, but this is still indispensable for a website. Whether the label is Baidu or Google's primary logo for crawling web pages. It’s like a person’s name. In a new environment, you must have a name so that everyone can know you and remember you; after a long time, you don’t need to sign up for the number, and everyone knows you. The principle is similar, whether it is a new station that has never been known, or an old station that is mature and stable, \"Name\" is always necessary, and it is very important to be unique.

2. Website structure optimization  

When a search engine enters a website page through a link or a keyword, it crawls the web page in a horizontal and vertical manner, and goes deeper and deeper, forming an interwoven network structure. When the internal link of the website is broken, or the spider feels that the content is meaningless, it will also stop moving and turn to another page. Therefore, the most important thing here is that the website structure is clear and smooth, with rich content and orderly entry and exit.

Website column optimization

1. Website column optimization

The hierarchical relationship between channels and columns is the most important. It is best if the new site does not exceed two levels. Even a mature website should not exceed three levels. At the same time, pay attention to the relevance and inclusion of the column content.

2. Link optimization

Channels and columns are the frame structure of the website, and links within the site make related content more closely. There are certain skills when deploying an internal chain, such as: keyword internal chain, related articles, tags, related recommendations, similarities or interests, etc., different types of websites have different associated attributes. In general, there are two ideas. Websites based on information rely on the relevance of content to build an internal chain; websites based on user socialization rely on similar attributes to build an internal chain and interact.

3. Frequency and method of website content update  

Search engines not only like regularly updated content, but also \"high quality\" original content. The weekly update is mainly to cultivate the search habit of search crawlers. We focus on how to count the \"high-quality content\" for search engines.

How to update website content

1. The number of words in a single-page article should be controlled at around 500-700 words.

2. Each page is equipped with the most original picture.

3. The Alt label and Title label of the icon are kept intact, and it is better to have a text annotation below the picture.

4. The article page contains relevant article recommendations and links with the same attributes.

5. The article title is controlled at 10-15 characters.

6. The article should have clear and unique keywords, abstracts and descriptions.

7. The structure of the article should best meet the writing method of the narrative, namely: overview, cause, process, and result.

Fourth, web optimization  

Web optimizationMainly for Baidu search engine rules, you can check each item one by one through Baidu webmaster tools or CNZZ, there will be detailed tips and optimization solutions. Website optimization is like bringing a child. It must be both temperamental and lively and cheerful. The cultivation of a website lies in the accumulation of bits and pieces. All aspects should be done as well as possible, and the combination will be much better. Although there are more traffic entrances now, they are relatively chaotic, and the user's demand for information query will not weaken, but the form of information display is constantly changing.

Fifth, website external chain release 

For search engines, external links are still an important criterion for measuring the quality of a website. This is like saying that it is not good to say that oneself is good. It is better to say that others are good. The website's external link means the recognition of the website. The more links to you, the higher the website's recognition. Of course, you still need to pay attention to details:

Website Link Release

1. Relevant external chains can exert their effects.

2. High-quality external chains will help you more, and low-quality or black chains will most likely cause you to be implicated.

3. The construction of the external chain should be carried out step by step, and suddenly increased sharply, and it may be shut down.

4. You don't have to worry about which form of text link and URL is more effective. Facts have proved that it is equally effective.

The above are some ways to optimize the website shared with Dajia. I hope it will be helpful to every customer.

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