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All staff, the whole network, panorama-the new model of foreign trade Internet marketing practice

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Focus Technology, Sunac Media joined forces to launchFull staff, full network, panoramicNew marketing model,Create a complete cloud marketing closed loop, provide enterprises with a comprehensive cloud marketing solution for cloud marketing platforms, programs, talent training, user-guided conversion tools, and integrate high-quality enterprise service providers to introduce leading cloud service platforms to achieve enterprise and enterprise services Businesses seamlessly connect and jointly build an open enterprise cloud business ecosystem.

Shijiazhuang Responsive Website

Including our company's own official website is also marketed according to this model (of course we belong to the domestic trade). Let's take our company's official website as an example to share with everyone, the whole network, the panorama-the new model of foreign trade Internet marketing Fuck

1. First, build the enterprise marketing website (platform) with the latest H5 responsive website technology as the core

Shijiazhuang Responsive Website

The two biggest benefits of responsive websites

  1. Regardless of whether visitors use any device to visit our official website, they will have the same ultimate experience (actual scanning experience), unlike the traditional website to the mobile terminal, the experience is very poor

  2. In addition, if the search ranking is considered, the effect of this new website is particularly good, because search engines such as Google Baidu have clearly proposed that priority will be given to the inclusion of this new website of responsive design. Why?

    Let me tell you why

    Current trafficPCThere are three ways to configure a station and a mobile station. From the perspective of search engines, these three are called jump adaptation, code adaptation andResponsive, The following is a noun explanation and similarities and differences between these three configuration methods.

    1, Jump adaptation: This method uses a separate URL to provide different codes for each device. This configuration will try to detect the device used by the user oruaAnd then useHTTP RedirectVary HTTPThe header redirects to the corresponding page.(That is, the website code is inconsistent and the website address is inconsistent)

    2, Code adaptation: This method uses the same URL (regardless of the device used by the user), but willServer to user browserUnderstanding of (ua), generate different versions for different device typesHTMLWebsite code is inconsistent, website address is consistent)3Responsive: Provide the same through the same URLHTMLCode website design method. This method does not consider the equipment used by the user (pc, Tablet, mobile device), but can display (ie adapt) the display in different ways according to the screen size.Consistent website code, consistent website address)

    These words are not made up by myself, this is what people Baidu officials said, I am just a laborer of these words, hey

    But what does this mean? We can consider \"Two issues that any company will pay attention to in the process of operation, one is open source, the other is throttling\", the search engine is also a commercial organization, they also can’t get around these two issues, and This new website dare not say that it can help search engines open source, but it certainly can help search engines cut costs. The reason is very simple. Because the first two kinds of jump adaptation and code adaptation are inconsistent, the search engine has to retrieve the index twice; while the responsive code addresses are exactly the same, the search engine only needs to retrieve the index once. The cost is two and one is one. Which do you think search engines will like?

    So don't think that now that you have made a computer website or a mobile website, you can sit back and relax. Will search engines like your website?

2. Assign sub-accounts to employees and plan tasks

Shijiazhuang Responsive Foreign Trade Website

Divide sub-accounts (above)

Shijiazhuang Foreign Trade Responsive Website

Set a mission plan (above)

3. Log in to the sub-account to conduct the whole network marketing operation

  1. The search engine, the background integrates perfect seo functions, and realizes code-free operation, which makes ranking more handy.

    Shijiazhuang Google seo.jpg

    Publish products or articles according to corresponding methods (10 keywords can be expanded)

Shijiazhuang Responsive Website

2. Social media

By binding social media through a social assistant, this is the best benefit for foreign trade friends. The social assistant has achieved data synchronization with the three mainstream social media.

Hebei LinkedIn.jpg

Synchronize the information posted on the official website to social media to increase exposure, (the following uses LinkedIn as an example)




At the same time, it drains back to the company's official website, increasing official website traffic and improving conversion

Official website traffic.jpg

4. Each employee independently operates his own sub-account, and enjoys the results of the operation, working more passionately

(The keyword I sent was a responsive website in Shijiazhuang. Customers searched to find my article and inquired to my sub-account)



The customer searches the [Shijiazhuang Responsive Website] above, finds my article, and sends an inquiry to my sub-account (note that the picture below is an inquiry for my sub-account, not a public inquiry)


The following picture is the inquiry details


The all-person-all-network mode is to assign sub-accounts to each employee, set up seo function modules, and publish products and article information according to certain rules to achieve full coverage of major search engines, and social assistants to achieve full coverage of social media, and Panoramic view is relatively simple. For enterprises with conditions, intelligent display of products and virtual reality viewing (720-degree panoramic view) can be added.

Don’t not believe our model, let alone doubt my technology, we have very mature cases, and our official website uses this model to operate.

Your suspicion will only make your internet marketing stand still,Remember, you can reject new technologies and new models, but your competitors will not! ! ! ! !

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