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5 ways to promote LinkedIn's marketing promotion activities

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For some reason,LinkedIn MarketingIt is always ignored when it comes to social media promotions. People tend to think that this social network is just for reaching employers or potential employees. This is far from the case.

With many tools on LinkedinLinkedInMarketing,This can be used for your next event.

1. Use your company information to push events

Your company has a LinkedIn page, right? If not, create one immediately because it is very important for your activities and company progress. About 6-8 weeks from the event, update your company page so that it contains various announcements and updates about the event.

After the update, the changed message will be displayed on the subscriber's news source. It goes without saying that the more fans you have, the more you will benefit.

When updating the status of your page, this kind ofLinkedIn marketingThe key to form is to include images. If all you include is text, it will not be well expressed, especially if fans have dozens of other things in their news sources.

2. LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn ads are different from Facebook ads. Ads will be displayed to people whose profile information matches your primary user’s portrait information. In addition to LinkedIn ads, there are also linkedIn information updates.

A study showed that the conversion rate of the latter was 15.1%, while the conversion rate of advertising was only 1.7%.

LinkedIn news updates are more effective, because the news appears directly in the user's news source, rather than the LinkedIn ads displayed in the right column, and is easily covered up.

No matter which method you use, here are some tips to follow:

o Avoid stock images because competitive ads are full of them. The image should also be specific rather than generic. Examples of common but common images include attractive people smiling.

o The text needs to be compelling and call-to-action (eg: Does the website not convert? Participate in the Nanwan Digital Marketing Expo to make your website a visitor conversion machine.)

o Target your customers through accurate screening. A wide range of people in LinkedIn marketing usually leads to higher clicks without conversions.

o Split test your campaign. There should be at least three different ads for each campaign. The metrics will determine which perform well and which perform poorly.

Use LinkedIn Group

Join multiple groups in your industry. Groups are gold mines that search for target audiences. But this is a matter; you can't just join a group and start selling your activities immediately. Members will immediately know what your motivation is, and you may be avoided by the team. This is also-because of the lack of a better term-very snake oil salesman.

Here is how you work: you join the team and become a real contributing member. This means facilitating relevant discussions and providing your expertise when necessary. After doing this for a few weeks, you will become one of the \"boys.\" Once you reach this state, then you have the right to sell promotions from time to time.

4. Personal status update

Just as you should update the company page, you should do the same for your profile. Please make sure that the update on your profile is not an update on the company page. You should also encourage all employees to follow suit. After the update, followers will be notified via email.

If you and your other staff do this, many people will be contacted, especially if a few members have a large number of follow-up bases. Remember, your update is limited to 140 characters, so please count each letter. It also needs to take the form of a call to action.

5. Use LinkedIn's publishing platform

Become a publisher of LinkedIn. So what should you blog? For beginners, please do not copy the same material that already exists on the company blog. Keep content fresh and non-promotional.

As with posting on any other blog, you want to get the largest readership. This means sticking to the basics of writing, such as having an attractive title and opening paragraph. These two parts determine whether the reader will read the post in its entirety or just scan it quickly.

In yourLinkedIn marketingIn the meantime, it is important that it is the former, because the last paragraph is a link for you to quickly mention your event and the event page.

As far as the subject is concerned, anything is acceptable as long as the post provides useful content. Possible posts include:

o How-to articles

o You will give beginners advice to enter your field

o \"Behind the scenes\" works that consumers often cannot see

o The latest changes and trends in the industry

o The biggest problem your industry solves or should solve

LinkedIn is underutilized

You should be as active on LinkedIn as you are on Facebook and Twitter. This is a social network, if you use its tools, it will have a huge impact. Discover these tools yourself and getLinkedIn marketingPromotional advantages.

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