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18Years focus on the enterpriseGlobal digital marketing platformBuilding operations, search engine marketing, social media marketing, brand marketing overseasAll staff, whole network, panoramaNew business model!
Responsive Web design (Responsive Web design) automatically adjusts the page layout according to the type of visitor’s device, adapting to computers, pads, mobile phones, etc., and various types of screens, without the need to develop multiple versions for various devices.
One-to-one customized English website, European and American style design, attention to detail, making the foreign trade official website unique
TKD is embedded in the webpage, the whole background data management, efficient operation of the website, improve drainage + conversion
36 Google optimization details English website, mobile website production, more conducive to search engine crawling, improve website ranking
Production of more than 104 small languages ​​to build websites, enhance user experience, intelligent response, rich experience in building websites, more intelligent
My website can speak, rational data, emotional expression, let customers fully recognize me, and the first time to interact, help me seize business opportunities. Good at persuasion; very persuasive; able to grab the attention of visitors; able to see the needs of users; can effectively convey their own advantages; can one by one lift the psychological barriers of users in decision-making, and successfully promote the goal Customers leave sales leads or place orders directly.
Focus on website persuasion improvement
Improve customer acceptance
Insight into customer needs
Increase customer conversion
Let customers just need you to find you
Google Search Marketing Fully consider the customer's language habits, search habits, keyword habits, breadth and depth
Cover global customers, so that your customers can find you no matter where they are, what language they speak, or what keywords they use to search.
Google SEO
Multilingual keyword ranking improvement
Multilingual official website
Focus Technology
Sub-account operation
Unlimited keyword ranking
Social marketing assistant
Enquiry guarantee service

SNS Commitment Service
Google Adwords
Google Search Advertising Marketing
Gold Optimizer
LP test report
Advertising Diagnostic Report
Commitment inquiry service
Industry White Paper
Automated reporting
SNS Commitment Service

Take the initiative to attract potential customers
What is your business direction, who are your customers, and what are their characteristics. Overseas social marketing, precise marketing based on customer profile by region, industry, interest, etc.
Promote your products and services to those who really need them to achieve accurate matching of product services and users, and develop potential customers in depth
Customer portrait
Mass customers increase sales
Consumption habits


High-end customers
Years of experience
Company Size

Improve brand and shorten customer decision-making cycle
\"Trust\" is always one of the most critical factors for overseas buyers to place orders. Because overseas buyers have insufficient trust in the brand of Chinese B2B companies, and it is difficult for Chinese companies to display their companies and products to overseas buyers in an all-round way and build a trust foundation, many orders in the Chinese market are wasted. Video and VR brand promotion programs can not only enhance the brand but also reduce the decision risk and shorten the customer decision cycle
Video marketing
96% of marketers have placed advertising expenditures on videos;
97% of marketers say that videos help users better understand their products and services;
52% of marketers said that video is the form of marketing with the highest return on investment;
Video can increase traffic by 300%, which helps to cultivate potential customers;
Panoramic marketing
Move the physical factory to 720 degrees online without dead ends
Fully demonstrate the strength of corporate brand
Not limited by time, space and region
Immersive customer experience
Choose Sunac Cloud Marketing Platform6Big reason


18 years of accumulated Internet experience, a deep understanding of the true meaning of online marketing, no longer let your business take more detours

Actual combat

Many years of marketing practice in the whole network, can better grasp the core, better understand users, and serve users


Remove complexity, go straight to the core, and return to the original purpose of platform building — knowing, understanding, trusting, closing deals


To ensure the smoothness of the website, stable operation is the basis of website operation, and prevent potential customers from being lost at your fingertips


Resist penetration, attack, hang horses, comprehensively guarantee website security, so that your online marketing has no worries


7*24 hours technical service support, more intimately solve various network problems encountered in your daily work
Marketing system
Technology precipitation
Focus on foreign trade marketing
Language coverage
Conversion element planning
customer satisfaction

Rongchuang Media helps you easily solve online marketing problems

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